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Automatic packaging machine for all types of socks and packing

This is absolutely the most comprehensive machine in our range of equipment. The unit functions as a table along which the socks are moved on a transport conveyor, with an operation performed at each station.

The facility to add or remove many different modules on this machine make it the most flexible for a great variety of packaging needs.

Loading is fast and ergonomic, thanks to an adjustable form and positioning laser. Socks are loaded in pairs with the toe either to the right or left.

Designed originally for quality classic socks, it is now also used for sports socks.

It is completely modular and as there is a Mini, Midi and Maxi version, it is possible to add other Autotex modules to the configuration:

  • Trimmer
  • Autoclip
  • Transfer
  • Adhesive label dispenser
  • Paper insertion
  • Sewn rider
  • Rider hook insertion
  • Adhesive rider application
  • Bar code printer
  • Folding of foot and leg to left or right
  • Hanger insertion
  • Application of polypropilene, adhesive and/or card band to single or multiple pairs of socks
  • Stacker
  • Sock turn device
  • Multi-bagger
  • Etc.


  SLS 01 SLS 02 SLS 03

Simple Solutions

 Simple Solutions
Machines built to fulfill various types of packaging with the aid of an operator.


Boarding solutions

Boarding solutions
Boarding machines for men, women, child, medical and seamless socks.



AUTOTEX, Not Only For Socks

Automatic Solutions

Automatic Solutions
Automatic Solutions

Heel antislip “with me”

Heel antislip “with me”
Module for the thermal application of the innovative silicon-free anti-slip material “636 – With Me”.


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