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transform t 32

Sock processing technology. Transform is a new concept boarding machine, to board men’s, women’s and children’s socks, with or without steam and engineered for low maintenance. The T-32 model (32 form model) is complete with:

Treated steel and aluminium structure modular and compact

31 treated aluminium forms o “Insulated” form support

Special form pre-heating device

Hot presses with adjustable pressure and temperature or steam chamber with maximum pressure of 3 bar

Hot air drying tunnel

Automatic sock stripping device with three types of stackers:

  • standard
  • easy pairing
  • smart stacking and collating on trolleys
  • Left & right output stacker to enable one operator to process boarded socks from 2 boarding lines

Operator control panel with various menus

Reduced air and electricity consumption


Technical features 
  T-32 T-32 S
Net weight Kg 2.400 Kg 3.000
Number of boarding forms N° 31 N° 31
Minimum boarding cycle time Sec 7,5 Sec 8,5
Maximum production p/h 480 p/h 420
Maximum press temperature °C 200 °C 200
Maximum steam chamber pressure bar 3 bar 3
Maximum steam consumption Kg/h - Kg/h 23
Maximum temperature of hot air tunnel °C 140 °C 140
Air pressure bar 6 bar 6
Maximum air consumption mc/h 15 mc/h 25
Installed Power Kw 15 Kw 15/25
Voltage 3PH + Neutral + Ground Volt 400 Volt 400


transform t 32

Simple Solutions

 Simple Solutions
Machines built to fulfill various types of packaging with the aid of an operator.


Boarding solutions

Boarding solutions
Boarding machines for men, women, child, medical and seamless socks.



AUTOTEX, Not Only For Socks

Automatic Solutions

Automatic Solutions
Automatic Solutions

Heel antislip “with me”

Heel antislip “with me”
Module for the thermal application of the innovative silicon-free anti-slip material “636 – With Me”.


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