The importance of post-sales

Aware of the importance of the after-sales technical assistance, the company has concentrated great effort to achieve a high standard of quality for this service. With the awareness of the importance of packaging machines in a production facility, this aspect could not have been disregarded in order to ensure the customer maximum satisfaction and as much support as possible.

 Remote Assistance with webcam and telephone

The customer can rely both on remote assistance (both on the phone and through video-chat) and on an emergency service from highly qualified technicians.

 Parts service quick

A dedicated quick and efficient “spare parts service” is also operational with the aim to ensure the dispatch of spare parts in a very short time lapse.

 International sales network

Over the years the company, strong of its presence at the international level, has also developed an extensive international sales network. The agents, operating in various markets around the globe, enjoy of an independent technical service to ensure a rapid and efficient intervention at the customer facility in case of need.

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