Automatic sock packaging machine for classic and sport socks for men, women and children.

Card Wrap “open card pack”. This machine packs 1, 2 or 3, pairs of fine, medium, sport or ankle socks and children’s socks. The sock is secured to the pack with either a nylon tag or stitching with Autotex sewing machine.

Processes include:

Automatic fold and stack

Barcode printers to print and apply size stickers and/or barcode label

Automatic card magazine with former

Sewing or tagging to secure socks

Automatic pack closer with self adhesive barcode, or clear adhesive label

Cycle time 5 seconds

Further modules can be added to the standard machine


   cardwrap01 cardwrap02


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  • Autobox
  • Card Wrap
  • P Pack
  • SLS
  • SPM
  • SPS
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