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 Work station which allows to execute semi-automatically multiple operations such as:

Direct or indirect print of the card-rider

Hanger insertion

Withdrawal and positioning of the card-rider towards the operator

Sewing of the card-rider with sewing machine

Application of the nylon/polypropylene thread with “Tagging 203” pneumatic module.


 Due to its modular design, the installation of other modules allows to perform also other operation such as, for example, the application of the band and the insertion of the product into a single or multi-pair bag. The device is built of:

Simple and ergonomic work station which allows to switch between different products to package with extreme rapidity.

Direct print of various type of information onto the card-rider with “Printex” printer.

Indirect print of various type of information onto an adhesive label and automatic application over the card-rider.

Automatic application of the hanger through a vibrating magazine.

Pick-and-place device for the card which is brought close to the operator to reduce production time.

Simple and quick setting of the machine to allow it to work with different type of card-riders.

Possibility to use special card formats such as the “h-shaped” and the “Carpenter” types.

The line can be implemented with several other modules which allow the sewing of the card-rider (with “A01” or “Autotex Queen Light” sewing machines), the application of the nylon/polypropylene thread (with “Tagging 203” pneumatic module) and of the adhesive or cardboard band, as well as the bagging of the finished product.


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