immagine principale queen light

 Autotex queen sewing with autostart. Features:

Device specifically designed for the manual or semi-automatic application of the card-rider on the socks. The semi-automatic version doubles the production speed if compared to the manual version.

Work bench with Autotex Queen sewing machine.

Adjustable auto-start unit to increase productivity and improve the quality of the product.

Simple, single-stitch with knot sew ideal for fine high quality socks.

Modified to improve productivity and practicality.

Safe and reliable.

Possibility to add an automatic rider dispenser with bar code printer or adhesive label applicator and printer.


  01 calza-cucitura-queen-light-fronte 02 calza-cucitura-queen-light 03 calze-queen-light queen-con-scarico-automatico-photo- queen-con-scarico-automatico-vicino-photo- queen light layout 01 queen light layout 02  


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