Tagging 203

Tagging 203 for plastic pins.

Simple and ergonomic bench top tagging unit to apply automatically the card rider with nylon tag.

Fast and easy style change.

Designed for all types of socks, single and multiple pairs.

Facility to insert a tag through up to three pairs of sport socks.

Automatic unloading of completed work to improve productivity.


Technical features 
Stitches: 1
Needle diameter: 1,9 mm
Max. stitch size: 50/70 mm (optional)
Yarn: plastic
Cycle time: 3 seconds
Machine dimensions: WxHxD 350x602x509 mm
Power supply: pneumatic, electric
Installed power: 80 W
Machine weight: 30 Kg


  Tagging 203 01 Tagging 203 02 Tagging 203 03


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