pillowpack principale nuova

New concept bagging machine for the packing of all kinds of textiles and other items, starting from a roll of flat film.


Machine with loading direction from left to right.

Steel structures assembled on height-adjustable feet.

Canteen lever style construction in order to achieve machine sturdiness and easy access to the mechanical parts.

Longitudinal seal carried out by two sets of 120 mm diameter wheels; first set cold for the pulling and second set heated for the sealing.

Hand wheel for the setting of the wheels ‘ group height in respect to the product height.

Automatic opening of the wheels when the machine is halted.

Pneumatically controlled intermitted jaw 300 mm wide to perform the 9 mm. wide transverse seal, complete of pneumatically controlled knife.

Low pressure safety system on jaws in case a product is out of position.

Main machine drive by means of a brushless motor controlled through a PLC.

Self-centering film roll holder for a maximum film width of 600 mm.

Motorized rubber roller for efficient film unwinding controlled by an inverter.

Calander roller assembly for film passage complete of perforator.

Product unload conveyor belt 1 mt. long.

Safety guards respecting the EC standards.

Color touch screen control panel with 50 memories for the easy adjustment of the machine parameters such as speed, heating jaws and fin wheels, bag length, etc.

Adjustable forming tunnel.


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