This machine cuts the bag to the set size from a reel and opens it up. A blade automatically moves the product from a feed conveyor into the open bag.

Electronic bag size setting

Automatic insertion via a blade

Kit for large size bags

Automatic application of an adhesive label on the bag (optional)

Bag sealing (optional)

Hanger hole cutting (optional)



Bag dimensions: W x H x D

width min 120 mm – max 335 mm
height min 10 mm – max 100 mm
depth min 200 mm – max 500 mm

Roll dimensions

diameter max 400mm
depth min 200 mm – max 500 mm

Type of film used

single-fold (polypropylene or polyethylene)

Cycle time

4/5 sec

Machine dimensionsW x H x D = 950 x 1200 x 1100 mm

W x H x D = 950 x 1200 x 1100 mm

Power supplypneumatic + electric

pneumatic + electric

Average power input


Installed power

4000 watt

Machine weight

260 Kg




Optionals and Customization   
Automatic cutting device for hanger exitMore than one system to close bags c bag1
More than one system to close bags c bag2


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