Leaders in the field of hosiery and beyond

Over the years the company has developed a know-how that has enabled it to establish a global presence in the field of hosiery, not to mention some important projects in different areas such as food, cutlery, medical and pharmaceutical.


Although this is not a point of arrival, but rather a starting point to continue developing new solutions for various customers. The technical department is constantly striving to develop solutions that are increasingly energy saving and careful to the productivity needs of our customers, aspects that we consider fundamental to the smooth running of any industrial facility.


 More than 60 modules and 25 models of machines based

With over 60 modules and 25 models of basic machines, customers can count on a wide selection of fully customizable machineries and on the continuous support of our technicians that assess case by case the technical features of the materials used to allow the constant improvement of the production results obtained with our machines in order to maximize the satisfaction of the customer.

It is in fact always the customer that Autotex Italia Srl focuses on, by involving the buyer already in the early stages of the design of the machine to ensure the development of a final product that meets the highest quality standards.

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