Company Goals

Company Goals

These are some of the many goals Autotex achieves with its products, for the benefit of its customers


Space saving and its consequent better exploitation

  • Increase in production with an even greater reduction in labor for the same space
  • Organization of the space in a more functional way to the workflow
  • Possibility of not relocating the headquarters due to lack of space
  • Improvement of the visual impact

Labor saving

  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Savings on research and training of new staff
  • Better exploitation of internal resources
  • Simplicity of staff management in peak times

Increase in production

  • Flexibility and versatility, in case of packaging change it is possible to modify the line saving on future investments
  • Quickness in changing the item setup
  • Flexible creation of machine layout
  • Possibility of connecting more types of machines in the same line

In addition to the listed benefits, what are the main reasons that push our customers to invest in automation?

  • Constant quality of the visual presentation of the product
  • Control / reduction of scraps
  • Reduction of complaints and returns from their customers
  • Greater recognition of the value of the company by buyers, automation and traceability are now an important added value
  • Expansion of market thanks to the inclusion of automation

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