From the studio to the design of custom machinery

Due to its many years of experience in the field of industrial packaging for hosieries, Autotex Italia Srl is now able to provide its customers with a wide range of services designed to meet the most specific requests. Our experts are able to evaluate the automation needs of the customer, taking into account individual packages and the available budget for its production.

job engineer illustration

The technical department is staffed by highly qualified personnel with a substantial amount of experience, which is prepared for the engineering of highly customized machines, the flagship of the company's production, as well as conducting studies for complex packaging lines for the production of more elaborate packagings.

During the realization phase of each machine and packaging line, the technical department is able to study solutions that meet the availability of space of the customer, not negligible for the optimization of the industrial production.


 Technology for the management of the production and handling of the product

Autotex Italy Srl may also rely on internal software engineering experts who are able to study and develop highly customized computer applications for both the production management and for the movement of the product within the company. Systems, the latter, which may also work on wireless technologies to eliminate the obstruction caused by cables. Last but not least, the company offers its customers accurate technical advices on the entire production cycle to facilitate optimization and reduce waste.

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