Heel antislip “with me” and decalcs

ET02 636 - Anti-slip tape application machine

ET02 636 - Anti-slip tape application machine


Machine designed for the application of the non-slip patented material called “With Me” which allows excellent adhesion and grip of the garment in contact with the skin. The use of this machine is particularly indicated for pantyhose, medical products and underwear in general. The machine is equipped with a 4 stations rotary table:

  • Loading Station with settable templates
  • Station for the application of the 636 “With Me” material onto the textile product
  • Drying station
  • Manual unloading or automatic unloading device into an external basket (optional). In this station it is possible to install the heat-transfer device instead of the unloading (optional)

The working cycle of the machine is adjustable and depends on the type of textile product and on the thickness of the 636 material used.

Technical features

  • Net weight / Gross weight: 310 Kg
  • Maximum production (*): 300/450 Pairs/h
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • Maximum pneumatic consumption: 100 NL/h
  • Total consumption: 1,5 Kw/h
  • Voltage single phase + Neutral + Ground:

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