Sewing and tagging machine

A01 - Autotex sewing with autostart

A01 - Autotex sewing with autostart


Sewing machine for the application of the card-rider

  • Machine specifically engineered for the application of the card-rider on the socks
  • The A01 sewing machine is equipped with a brushless servomotor which permits to place it on any type of worktop without the need to install any third party transmission device to properly work
  • The keypad makes the use simple and extremely intuitive

Technical features

  • Auto-start system which initiates the sewing cycle once the card-rider is detected
  • Independent thread cutting unit for higher safety and reliability
  • Revolutionary equipment for the oil-bath which drastically reduces wear
  • Special sewing head to increase stitch flexibility, giving a perfect result on all gauges of socks
  • Lighting of the sewing area (optional)
  • Brushless servomotor which guarantees high accuracy and reliability
  • Eased lateral access to speed-up technical maintenance
    Simplified yarn feeding for an easy adjustment of the length
  • Larger stitch for an excellent result also on thicker socks
  • Usage of three different needle systems to suit the needs of each different production (190, 332 and 244)
  • Facility to add an automatic card-rider dispenser with bar code printer or adhesive label applicator and printer

Technical specifications

  • POWER 0,50 Kw
  • AIR CONSUMPTION 0,3 m3/hr
  • AIR PRESSURE 6 bar
  • MINIMUM SEWING TIME 0,50 Seconds

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